My knee still hurts

My surgeon can fix Nastia Liukin but he can’t fix me.

Sitting in the waiting room and staring at an autographed thank-you poster of the Olympic gymnastics champion, I couldn’t help the bitter feeling building in my stomach. It was fall of 2013. I already had two surgeries on my left knee in 2012.

Autographed poster of Nastia Liukin in one of Dr. Daniel Cooper’s patient rooms.

“Yikes,” Dr. Daniel Cooper, head orthopedic for the Dallas Cowboys, said as he looked at my MRI. He then went into a deluge of medical jargon that I tuned out. I knew the outcome. Surgery.

I have played soccer since I was 4 years old. Most players can’t say they walked away from the game unscathed. But most players can also still walk away from the game without like feeling a knife is stabbing the underside of their kneecap every single step. And that’s three knee surgeries later.

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Left handed pitcher first to be drafted in school’s D3 history

Taylor Henry is no stranger to hard work. The left-handed relief pitcher from Centenary College of Louisiana saw himself on the path to the pros after his first two strong years at the NCAA Division III institution. But after a lackluster junior season where he collected more losses on the mound than wins, a MLB draft seemed far-fetched.

But after the 2015 season, Henry’s senior year, the New York Mets took him in the 21st round of the MLB Draft.

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Resolution passes regarding vacant positions

Austinites will have a better idea of where some of their tax dollars are being spent because of the recently passed resolution by City Council regarding excessive city job vacancies.

The resolution, which passed June 11, will attempt to eliminate some of the 1,012 vacant city staff positions. It will also allow City Council to re-appropriate the funding for vacant positions. The resolution allows the council to reevaluate the necessity of the long-term vacancies, some vacant for nine years. Many positions have been vacant due the difficulty of the city being able to compete salary-wise with the private sector. The resolution requires the city manager to bring vacancies before the council from the varying departments, allowing the council to determine what to do with excess funding and whether or not to terminate the position for the next fiscal year.

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