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From the day I set foot on the field, I was addicted to sports. The competition, the passion, and most importantly – the self-growth. I grew up on a soccer field. It taught me how to win gracefully, lose with dignity, and most importantly how to continue to grow as an individual and an athlete. My story as a soccer player led me directly to a career telling the stories of others striving for similar goals.

My career has traversed across the state of Texas and west Louisiana. I “earned my stripes,” starting as an Multimedia Journalist in Shreveport, Louisiana. My beat was city council and crime, but that didn’t stop me from staying late on Friday nights to catch every football game in the Pineywoods I could.

From there, I landed a fulltime sports position in Amarillo, Texas. From the launching of a minor league baseball team who’s name pitted the town against each other (I’m still a HUGE Sod Poodles fan), to two trips to the NCAA DII Final Four, to an occasional saunter down to visit the Texas Tech Red Raiders, my coverage in Amarillo was diverse and helped shape me into the broadcaster I am today. 

I’ve been the Sports Director at KVEO (formerly KGBT) for the past year and a half. Though my time in the valley has been riddled with the toll of the global pandemic, covering the local athletes through adversity has truly made a lasting impact on my career. 

I consider myself a passionate sports broadcaster. But to say that’s all I am would be a fallacy. I foster kittens every chance I get. I hike moderate mountains (a 14er WILL happen – one day!). Trying new recipes is a form of therapy to me.  I have more pictures on my phone of my cats – Nacho and Luna, than I would like to admit. And most importantly – I’m a passionate Texas Ex (but I’d really rather not talk about the football team’s performance in the last decade..). 


Professional inquiries: amandamorganatwell@gmail.com


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