From the day I stepped on a soccer field, I fell in love with sports. After my college career was cut short, I decided to continue my passion for sports through a career in broadcast journalism. My background as an athlete has instilled passion, humility, and the constant desire to better myself in everything I do. The result at the end of the game is important, but how you get there is what makes it worth watching. I strive to exemplify that in every broadcast. My story as an athlete goes far beyond the goals scored and the games won, and has inspired me to tell others. I have worked as the Weekend Sports Anchor at KVII/ABC 7 Amarillo since July of 2017. I started my career at KTBS 3 in Shreveport as a Multimedia Journalist after graduating from the University of Texas in August of 2016. Feel free to contact me at: amandamorganatwell@gmail.com